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Dear Deepak,

Many thanks for your message and greetings.

Yes we had a good flight and arrived back on time. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and holiday, you couldn£t have done anymore to make it such a fantastic time. Plus you looked after me and my problem legs so well!

I hope you have been enjoying some time with your lovely family and catching up on some well deserved rest.

Very best wishes
Pauline Polimenovi

Dear Deepak

It is lovely to hear from you!

Yes, we had a very good journey back to the UK and arrived back in Manchester on time.

It has taken us both a few days to recover and get back to normality. But we have enjoyed reliving the memories of a truly wonderful experience.

We have downloaded our photos onto the computer and have shown them to our family and friends, most of whom are amazed at all we managed to do and see in the two weeks holiday.

Thanks to your incredible organisation everything was a real delight and we saw and did so much and we both feel we experienced the real India.

Our very best wishes to you and all your family and we wish you every success in your new business venture.

All the very best
Neville & Jo Gilbert

Dear Mr. Deepak,

Thank you from England! We have been back home in England for a few days now, and it has given me a little time to reflect on the wonderful holiday we have just had in India. Truly, it was, for me, an experience filled with wonder from beginning to end, and I£m very, very grateful to you for making it possible for us.

As an adult, wise (ish!) in the ways of one£s own world, it feels a little strange arriving in a distant, foreign land, with all the helplessness and naivete of a child. One needs the most dependable of guides to whom to entrust oneself. It goes without saying that this guide must be practically and organisationally excellent - (ensuring, for example, chilled water for hot climates, and clean, comfortably - spaced toilet stops(!), as well as first-class accommodation and flawless travel connections). But the best guides have an additional quality. The best guides have a real caring sensitivity to the particular needs and anxieties, the particular enthusiasms and desires of each member of the party. You, Deepak, have this, and so provide that extra special something, which makes travelling with you such a delight. Sometimes we have been quite severely challenged on this trip; sometimes we have, quite literally, been transported outside and beyond ourselves in wonder and joy at the beauty of your country. You have, I believe, filled all of us on this trip with your passion for India, and I£m sure she must be proud of you.

Thank you, to you, and to our local guides, very, very much.

With all good wishes to you and your family,
Karin Lyle

Hi Deepak,

It£s lovely to hear from you and I must apologize for not emailing you sooner as I would very much like to provide you with a testimonial letter that you can use on your website or that you can pass onto future clients by way of a reference for your outstanding services as a host and guide during our trip. If it£s ok with you, I will do that over the next few days and email it to you.

Our flight home was good, and it was nice to arrive back home and meet my boyfriend at the airport although I had such a wonderful time and enjoyed myself so much that I was sad to say goodbye to India.

Hopefully it won£t be long until I£m able to come back though as my boyfriend and I would love to visit in the next few years and explore further so of course we will be in touch for your help and advice whether that£s part of a group with Clive, Margaret and Yvonne etc or it might be just the two of us.

With regards to your services, we couldn£t have asked for a better host and guide than you and I can honestly say that my two weeks in India are two of the most enjoyable weeks I£ve ever had, I learnt so much about the country, the culture, religions and the people, more than I could ever have learnt from any books or teachers here.

I£ve thought at lot about the trip over the last few days and I remember you said to me on our first night in Delhi, that you wanted to give us a variety of different experiences and that£s certainly what we got and those experiences are something I will treasure forever.

So for that I would like to say a huge thank-you again and re-iterate just what an excellent host you are and how grateful I am for all of the experiences that you shared with us.

I£ve already passed on your website and contact details to a couple of friends who would like to visit India, I£m not sure how soon they are planning a trip as they are due to get married next year in Canada but nevertheless they have your contact details and a glowing recommendation from me.

On a final note, it was so lovely to meet your wife and children on the last night, your family are wonderful and I wanted to also pass on my best wishes to them.

It£s lovely to hear from you and please do keep in touch.

Very best wishes


Hi Deepak,

Greetings from England!

I am finally recovering from the cold that I caught in the last days of the trip so all is well.

I am missing India very much, I had the most amazing holiday and can only describe it as a trip of a life time which I am sure is totally down to yourself.

I hope both you and your family are all well.

Take care,

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