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India is the largest democratic country in the world and known as the "Indian sub-continent" in South Asia because of its unique geographical structure and vast landscape. India is renowned for its rich heritage, history, rich culture & tradition and diversity in its religions, ethics, beliefs, people, cuisine and languages. India is surrounded by water on three sides (i.e. Indian Ocean in the South, Arabian Sea in the west and the Bay of Bengal in the East) and the great Himalayas & Thar Desert in the North.

India has a magical and chaotic infrastructure to say the least. The rules of the road are unlike the rest of the world with a scattering of cows and goats throw in. The drivers have to be hand chosen for your safety and careful driving. By having the right driver it will add a vast amount to your safety and your enjoyment of the trip. Depending on how you want your trip to be arranged we can have an experienced guide meet you at each destination.

India is popular for Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda and even if they are not on the agenda of all tourists, many leave with a sense of peace and spirituality.

India is also called a "Shopping Destination" and very popular for it's woolen carpets or rugs, block printing fabrics, silk sarees, jewellery, semi & precious stones and handicrafts.

India is very tolerant of all religions and the people are welcoming to guests in their country. Acts of kindness and friendship are very spontaneous and common. India has many festivals but special are the festivals like "Holi"- the festival of colors and "Deepawali"- the festival of lights. India is a holistic country, which is full of surprises, with greenery, peaceful places, mountains, rivers, history round every corner and hospitality abounding.

India is an inexpensive country to visit compared to most countries of the world. Food is diverse and for the European palate is not as spicy as many fear. There is something for everyone! Upset stomachs do not happen automatically. Guests visiting with Dependable Travel Solutions are advised where to eat, although the decision is always the customers. India is a safe country to visit particularly when using a reputable company like Dependable Travels Solutions (India) and there will be no fears for safety in any respect. Guest have to be sensible as in all travel to any country and will find that Indian pepole in genral are honoureble and hospitable, who will do anything to help.